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Technology can become the “wings” that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before — Jenny Arledge

In-Home vs. Online Tutoring with Inspire

Which is right for you?

In-Home Tutoring 

  •  Sit side by side
  •  Hand work back and forth
  •  Write, draw, highlight, underline using pencil and paper  
  •  Good for people who are not comfortable with technology  
  •  Good for highly kinesthetic learners, who learn best by a "hands on"  approach
  •  Can be the best choice for students who are not "self starters," or who need more supervision in order to complete assignments
  •  May be the best approach for project-based classes, such as those involving science experiments
  •  Because your Inspire Tutor comes to your home, our rate for in-home tutoring is higher than the rate for our online tutoring services  
  •  Limited by geographic location (Inspire provides in-home tutoring throughout Southern California.)   
  •  Limited by geographic location (Inspire provides in-home tutoring throughout Southern California.)   
  •  Traffic in Southern California can sometimes pose a problem 
  •  In need of more than one tutor to accommodate multiple students or subjects? We will be happy to provide this, based on availably of all parties  

Online Tutoring 

  •  Work fact-to-face, see and hear your tutor through video chat  
  •  Assignments and projects can be uploaded and/or shared through screen-sharing
  •  Write, draw, highlight, underline, using a virtual whiteboard. Add shapes, images, songs and videos in real time
  •  Good for students who feel at home with technology  
  •  Good for visual learners, because students can see updates in real time 
  •  A good choice for students who have the focus needed to stay on-task during a virtual session   
  •  Can be a great option for experience-based sessions. Students can highlight as they read, create a video report, or insert a triangle for Geometry  
  •  The more budget-friendly of the two options, online tutoring can provide  the opportunity for your student to receive more the same great tutoring with the same budget
  •  Availability is more flexible, because tutors do not have to allow for driving time between students 
  •  May be easier to schedule around a student's other activities 
  •  Dependant on a working internet connection, dependability of the platforms being used, internet servers, etc. 
  •  Scheduling sessions one after the other (for one student in need of more than one tutor) or concurrently (for multiple students who wish to work with their respective tutors at the same time) becomes easier